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What is the main role of the ultrasonic sensor
Aug 18, 2018

What is the main role of the ultrasonic sensor?

Ultrasonic sensing technology is applied in different aspects of production practice, while medical applications are

One of the most important applications, the following is an example of the application of ultrasonic sensing technology. The application of ultrasonic in medical applications is mainly to diagnose diseases. It has become an indispensable diagnostic method in clinical medicine. : No pain, no damage to the subject, simple method, clear imaging, high diagnostic accuracy. Therefore, it is easy to promote and is welcomed by medical workers and patients. Ultrasound diagnosis can be based on different medical principles, let us look at a representative one of the so-called A-type methods. This method uses the reflection of ultrasonic waves. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the human tissue and encounters two layers of media interfaces with different acoustic impedances, a reflected echo is generated at the interface. Each time a reflective surface is encountered, the echo is displayed on the oscilloscope's screen, and the impedance difference between the two interfaces also determines the amplitude of the echo.

In industry, the typical application of ultrasonic waves is non-destructive testing of metals and ultrasonic thickness measurement. In the past, many technologies were hindered by the inability to detect the inside of objects, and the emergence of ultrasonic sensing technology changed this situation. Of course, more ultrasonic sensors are fixedly mounted on different devices to "snap" the signals that people need. In the future

In the application, ultrasonic will be combined with information technology and new material technology, and more intelligent, high-sensitivity ultrasonic sensors will appear.

Ultrasonic distance sensor technology application

Ultrasonic penetration of liquids and solids is very large, especially in opaque solids, which can penetrate depths of several tens of meters.

When an ultrasonic wave hits an impurity or an interface, it will produce a significant reflection to form a reflection into an echo, which can produce a Doppler effect when it hits a moving object. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in industrial, defense, biomedical and other aspects.

Ultrasonic distance sensor can be widely used in level (liquid level) monitoring, robot anti-collision, various ultrasonic proximity switches, and anti-theft alarm and other related fields, reliable operation, easy installation, waterproof type, small launch angle and high sensitivity. It is convenient to connect with industrial display instruments, and also provides probes with large launch angles.


First, the ultrasonic sensor can detect the state of the container. When the ultrasonic sensor is installed on the top of a plastic melt tank or a plastic pellet chamber, and the sound waves are emitted into the interior of the container, the state of the container can be analyzed, such as full, empty or half full.

Second, ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect transparent objects, liquids, any surface roughness, smooth, light dense materials and irregular objects. It does not apply to outdoor, hot environments or pressure tanks and foam objects.

Third, the ultrasonic sensor can be applied to food processing plants to realize a closed-loop control system for plastic packaging inspection. With the new technology, it can be detected in wet rings such as bottle washers, noise environment, and extremely temperature-changing environments. [1]

Fourth, ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect liquid levels, detect transparent objects and materials, control tension and measure distance, mainly for packaging, bottle making, material handling, coal processing, plastic processing and automotive industry. Ultrasonic sensors can be used for process monitoring to improve product quality, detect defects, determine presence and other aspects.

Use ultrasonic sensor technology to prevent stepping on the pedal

Nissan has developed a function to prevent the vehicle from accelerating by accidentally stepping on the throttle when the brake is to be applied. When the camera and the ultrasonic sensor are used to infer that "to stop in the parking lot", the driver will step on the throttle. Forced braking. The technology is scheduled to be put into practical use within 2 to 3 years. Ultrasonic sensor technology was developed to prevent accidents caused by wrong brakes and throttles when parking in the parking lot.

The technology uses four cameras and a front bumper that are equipped with one front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle. The rear bumper is equipped with four cameras with a total of eight ultrasonic sensors. The four cameras are used to display the "circular display" camera that displays the image around the vehicle. . The white line or the like is recognized by the camera to infer that the car is located in the parking lot, and the distance between the car and the surrounding obstacle is measured by the ultrasonic sensor to determine the braking timing.

Prevent accidents caused by wrong brakes and throttles in two steps. When the driver wants to stop in the parking lot, if stepping on the throttle, first reduce the speed to the creep speed, use the icon on the dashboard to indicate the danger, and sound the alarm. If the driver continues to step on the gas pedal and is about to hit an object such as a wall, the brake is forced. The timing of braking can be stopped to ensure that the car is about 20~30 cm away from the obstacle.

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Add:No.16,Shangsong South Street, Shouxiang Town, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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