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All Aspects Of The Multi-functional Extraction Tank For You!
Jun 10, 2018

Multi-function extractor is used often by pharmaceutical chemical extraction equipment, the extraction of product is especially suitable for planting trees, and the extraction equipment with high efficiency, convenient operation, so they are widely used in chemical, food, medicine, etc, the extraction of in order to let everybody to know more about the equipment, to introduce the relevant knowledge of the extraction equipment.

Product introduction of multi-functional extraction tank:

1. The equipment is mainly composed of extraction tank body, condenser, cooler, oil and water separator, bubble eliminator, filter, conveying pump and other parts.

2. The main forms of multi-functional extraction tanks include positive cone, mushroom, straight drum, oblique cone and inverted cone. It can be used for static extraction or for dynamic extraction with agitator according to the needs of production process.

3. Advanced sealing technology can be adopted to operate under various conditions such as normal pressure, negative pressure, positive pressure, forced circulation, and heat return by means of water frying, warm soaking and percolation.

4. For large-caliber slag discharge door, our company specially designed multi-cylinder safe slag discharge door. It is not only convenient to operate, but also safe, reliable and non-leakage.

Advantages of multi-function extraction tank:

1. High efficiency of multi-function extraction tank.

2. The equipment is compact in structure, small in site area, and covers an area of about 1 and 5M2.

3. High conversion rate of raw materials.

4. High extraction and concentration efficiency, one time feeding is recycled in the closed equipment. (for details, please refer to the related introduction of tianyu ultrasonic "methods for improving the efficiency of multi-function extraction tank and matters needing attention")

Multi-functional extraction tank maintenance:

1. All moving parts of the equipment, such as hydraulic cylinders, pistons and aligning bolts of each movable shaft, shall be kept clean and lubricated.

2. When not working, the feeding port and slag discharge port of the main cylinder should be relaxed to prevent the loss of elasticity of the sealing film from affecting the sealing effect.

3. When water leakage is found at the slag outlet of the main cylinder, the aligning bolt can be adjusted to seal it. In case of further leakage, a new washer should be replaced.

4. If the cylinder push and pull valve is leaking, the sealing ring shall be replaced.

Above is the multi-function extraction tank related introduction, understand these contents, I believe you will be more convenient in the future when using.

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    Add: No.16,Shangsong South Street, Shouxiang Town, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-571-23236732
    Fax: +86-571-62058173
    Mobile: +86-15088691953
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