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Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaner Technology In All Walks Of Life
Jul 08, 2018

The cleaning of ultrasonic cleaner is widely used in the appearance spraying treatment profession, the mechanical profession, the electronic profession, the medical profession, the semiconductor profession, the hanging bell jewellery profession, the optical profession, the textile printing and printing profession. Other occupations, etc., supplied by ultrasonic cleaner, are as follows:

1, ultrasonic cleaner appearance spraying treatment career: (cleaning adhesive materials: oil, mechanical chips, abrasive, dust, polishing wax) before electroplating, removing carbon, removing oxide skin, removing polishing paste, removing oil and rust, cleaning before ion plating, phosphating treatment, metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc. Stainless steel polishing products, stainless steel cutting tools, cutlery, cutlery, locks, lighting, hand decoration before spraying, before plating cleaning.

2. Mechanical Occupation: (cleaning attachments: cutting oil, abrasive particles, iron dust, dust, fingerprints)

Removing rust grease; cleaning of measuring equipment; removing oil and rust of mechanical parts; engine, engine parts, gearbox, damper, axle bush, oil nozzle, cylinder, body, carburetor and automobile parts and chassis before removing oil, rust and phosphating; filter, piston accessories, filter net dredging and cleaning and so on. Precision mechanical parts, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, moulds, especially in the railway profession, are suitable for removing oil and decontamination of the air conditioning of the train carriage, rust prevention, rust removal and oil removal of the parts of the train head.

4, medical profession: (ultrasonic cleaner cleaning attachments: blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprints, blood, protein; chemical synthesis vibration dissolution in medical research and so on)

Syringes, surgical instruments, drip tubes, research and experiment equipment, glass containers, dental appliances, esophagoscope, bronchoscope, rectal mirror, disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of microscope.

5, semiconductor Occupation: (cleaning attachments: blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprints, blood, protein) semiconductor wafer HD cleaning.

6, clock jewelry profession: (ultrasonic cleaner cleaning attachment: paint, Fan Li water, grease, dyes, plastic residues, dust, fingerprints)

Dust removal, oxide layer, polishing paste, precious metals, ornaments, calculator, strap, watch case, watch pin, digital disk, oil sludge and so on.

7. Optical profession: (cleaning attachments: paint, varnish, grease, dyestuff, rust, plastic residue, dust, fingerprints)

Glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prism, lens and other optical products are cleaned before and after the installation process, and the photoelectric profession is mainly used in ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, liquid crystal film after packaging residual liquid crystal cleaning.

8, textile printing and dyeing professions: (cleaning attachments: fingerprints, dust, ink, dyes, plastic residues, rubber residue),

Cleaning, spinneret, drawing boards, textile spindles, filaments (stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, etc.) are deoiling and decontamination.

9, other professions: (ultrasonic cleaner cleaning attachments: hand dirt, dust, fingerprints, sweat stains) seals, plates, coins, high-grade pottery, silver finished products, gold finished products, bank magnetic cards and so on.

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    Add: No.16,Shangsong South Street, Shouxiang Town, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-571-23236732
    Fax: +86-571-62058173
    Mobile: +86-15088691953
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