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The Application Range Of Ultrasonic Broken
Mar 08, 2018

Application range of ultrasonic crushing

Ultrasonic crushing is a very strong crushing method, suitable for the disintegration of several microorganisms.

Bacteria are more fragile than cocci, G bacteria are more easily broken than G + bacteria, and yeasts are less effective.

However, some of the sensitizing actives can be inactivated by the spontaneous radicals that occur through the ultrasound. Ultrasonic circuit breaker

Low-energy applications of low-energy ultrasonic crushing

Because the cooling requirements are rather harsh, it is not easy to shrink, but cell cells that are commonly used in the laboratory break down. Ultrasonic circuit breaker

Ultrasonic cell crusher Note: 1, remember no load (must be extracted from the ultrasonic horn boot sample) 2, horn (ultrasonic probe) into the water depth: about 1.5Cm, the best surface height of more than 30mm, the probe should be centered, Do not stick to the wall. Ultrasonic waves are vertical P waves. Inserts that are too deep do not easily form convection and affect crushing efficiency. 3, Ultrasonic parameter setting: Set the key parameters of the instrument parameters (detailed instructions, refer to the instructions or call the consultation), generally use the ice bath for the samples with higher temperature (such as bacteria), the practical temperature must be less than 25 degrees, the protein nucleic acid certainly not Will change. 1) Time: Ultrasound time is best not to exceed 5 seconds, the gap should be greater than or equal to the ultrasonic time to facilitate heat dissipation. The time setting should be ultra-short time, the number of ultrasonic multiple standards can prolong the life of ultrasonic machines and probes. 2) ultrasonic power: not too large, to avoid splashing or foaming samples, such as less than 10ml sample capacity, power should be less than 200w, the use of 2mm ultrasonic probe, the other panel before the horn selector switch to the appropriate block; 200ml sampling Capacity 200-400w power, optional 6mm ultrasonic probe, the other behind the panel to play the appropriate block; 200ml above the sample capacity between 300-600w, choose 10mm ultrasonic probe, and the other behind the panel (2MM small probe power is strictly prohibited 350W) 3) Container Selection: Select a large beaker of multiple samples, which is also an advantageous sample in ultrasonic convection, step-by-step crushing efficiency. For example; 20ML is best to use 20ML beaker. Such as 100ml E. coli sample set parameters: ultrasound 5 seconds / interval 5 seconds 70 times (total time 10 minutes). Power 300W (for reference only) 500ML About power on 500W-800W 4, if the sample in the 1.5ml EP tube, make sure to fix the EP tube to prevent the ice bath after the ablation no load 5, routine maintenance: after use alcohol Scrub the probe or use ultrasonic water. Ultrasonic circuit breaker

Basis for choosing a crushing method:

Cell throughput

Cell wall strength and structure (polymer cross-linking levels, species and wall thickness);

Sensitivity of product to crushing conditions;

Broken degree

Selective release of target product

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    Add: No.16,Shangsong South Street, Shouxiang Town, Fuyang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Tel: +86-571-23236732
    Fax: +86-571-62058173
    Mobile: +86-15088691953
    E-mail: sales@fycg.com
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