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Ultrasonic Mixer Of Oil Biodiesel And Emulsion

Ultrasonic Mixer Of Oil Biodiesel And Emulsion

With our micro-processor controlled ultrasonic Sono-Processor/ Sonicator, a wide range of conventional chemical & physical processes can be performed efficiently such as particle size reduction, preparation of emulsions and dispersion, homogenizing of liquids, atomizing, acceleration of......
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Ultrasonic technique as a physical means and tools, can produce various extreme conditions in the liquid, a phenomenon known as sonochemistry, ultrasonic equipment related is called ultrasonic chemical equipment (referred to as "the sound of chemical equipment"). Ultrasonic dispersing device is an application of acoustic chemical equipment, can be used for water treatment, solid dispersion of particles in a liquid system, disaggregation, promoting effect of solid-liquid reaction etc.

Energy density and cavitations bubble collapse of ultrasonic field energy density, energy density is enlarged a trillion times, great concentration caused by energy; sound chemistry led to the phenomenon of extreme heat and pressure cavitations effect of luminescence, is unique in form of exchange of energy and substance of sonochemistry. Therefore, ultrasonic chemical extraction, biodiesel production, organic synthesis, governance microorganisms, degradation of toxic organic pollutants, the chemical reaction speed and yield, the catalytic efficiency, biological degradation, ultrasonic anti fouling, biological cell crushing, dispersion and agglomeration, and the chemical reaction is more and more important role.


l  No need to change customer's existing production equipment and technological process.

l  It can be upgraded to a general equipment by using a simple installation.

l  It have less investment on a new technology, production and efficiency are improved obviously.

l  It has no moving parts, no electromagnetic radiation, fixed installation is very simple.

l  Suitable for the high pressure high temperature, toxic, explosive dangerous environment application.

l  Low power consumption, adaptation of wide, equipment almost don't have to do any modification.


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Special Features

  • Pre-selection of the required Amplitude (20 to 100%).

  • Fully Automatic Frequency Servo-Control.

  • Microprocessor Controlled Timer 0 to 24 Hours.

  • Continuous Display of Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power.

  • Pre-selection of different Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic      Power required is possible.

  • Stabilization of Amplitude within +/- 1%.

  • High specific Ultrasonic Power, direct interaction between      processing medium & Ultrasonic Probe.

  • Individual & Application specific versions can be made.

  • Can be installed for Online Continuous & Batch Processes.

  • As per requirement additional SONO PROCESSORS can be added in      series.

  • Degassing of processing medium is possible.














    Amplitude/power adjustment range





    Volume of reactor


    Standard Spec

    Ultrasonic device + Digital Generator

    Optional configuration

    Stainless steel reactor, Remote communication interface, flow meter

Application Fields

  • Particle size reduction

  • Homogenization

  • Dispersion /Suspension

  • Crystallization

  • Emulsification /Mixing

  • Degassing

  • Disruption of Cells

  • Agglomeration /De-agglomeration

  • Acceleration of various chemical reactions, etc

  • Viscosity Reduction

  • Improves the Extract Yield and Extraction Efficiency.

  • Accelerated processes and therefore increase in production      capacity.

  • Cost savings due to faster process runs reduced work steps.

  • Improved yield and increase in efficiency.

  • Reduces quantity of solvent required.

  • Suitable for almost all types of Solvents.


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    Mobile: +86-15088691953
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